Anxiously Awaiting– Instrumental

I AM – Instrumental Bandcamp only  

A little afraid– Rock

Kissing Spiders– Experimental Together with Pete Murphy

Mörkrets trubadur  Swedish modern Norse balads

The Ghosts of FAWM – Lofo demos- Bandcamp only 


VÅLDSBROTT BABY – Under the bandname ”Mackan å Mörkret”

TACET– Instrumental soundart Bandcamp only 

Out of this Hell– Suicidal awareness

Inte så jävla soft – Swedish EP

Not so acoustic anymore– Metal EP

At the end of your street Trafficing Awareness Bandcamp only  

ECHO- LOFI (Ghost) with lyrics by Cindy Prince  Bandcamp only  

FAWM-ily Nightmares– Experimental Bandcamp only  

Shades- Together with Bill White Bandcamp only